Fluid Control for Dialysis Patients – 47 Tips

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Any dialysis patient will tell you that keeping your fluid levels down between dialysis treatment is probably the biggest challenge they face. Certainly in your author’s case, this has proven a constant battle The diet can be adjusted to, the interminable hours in the chair can be whiled away in a number of ways, but • Read More »

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Wearable Artificial Kidney – Some Thoughts

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I’ve been following the progress of the Wearable Artificial Kidney for a couple of years now. Progress seems to be slow but I think that it is very worthwhile research, that could result in making life better for a very specific subset of the dialysis community. The product seems to be coming up against some • Read More »

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Ten Things Your Friend On Dialysis Wants You To Know

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You don’t understand what it’s like to be on dialysis and you never will, but that’s ok, and we thank God you don’t need to. Your empathy and even sympathy is very much appreciated, but you’ll never understand. You’ll never understand how tiring it is feeling sick most of the time, how debilitating it is • Read More »

The Renal Unit’s First Annual Dialysis Survey

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Hi and welcome to the Renal Unit’s first annual in centre Haemodialysis patient survey! The questions should take less than five minutes to complete The survey will run till the 9th of February 2016, results will be published soon after Note that this survey is for haemodialysis patients who dialyse at a dialysis centre. There • Read More »

Why the Aquatally Cup Dialysis Study is a Bit of a Joke

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So Aquatally,  a company that puts lines on cups and sells them for $12, has conducted a study into the efficacy of their magic cup in helping dialysis patients better manage their Interdialytic Weight Gain A scientific study Into a cup With graphs Apparently patients using this cup saw an average 0.66 litre drop in their Interdialytic • Read More »

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Can Liquorice Lower Potassium Levels in Dialysis Patients?

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As with any significant change to diet, talk with your nephrologist or renal dietician before trying to lower your potassium with liquorice. Consuming too much glycyrrhetinic acid can cause hypokalemia (dangerously low potassium levels), which can kill you. Did you know that liquorice contains a compound that can lower the potassium levels of a dialysis • Read More »

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